13 May 2019

BSO acquires IX Reach

We have strengthened our capabilities within the wholesale telecoms, cloud and technology sectors with the acquisition of IX Reach, a global provider of network services.

This development significantly reshapes the marketplace, in particular for cloud providers, wholesale carriers, CDNs, data centre operators, and it marks the latest milestone in our active international M&A strategy. acquisition IX Reach

IX Reach is our third acquisition in 18 months and follows Apsara Networks, a leading supplier of radio frequency connectivity to financial markets, and PROceau, a high-availability and business critical managed hosting and IaaS company.

IX Reach’s diverse network covers 170+ points of presence (POPs) across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and most recently Africa.

Its customer base includes 300+ carriers, ISPs, content providers and networks of all sizes and IX Reach has a diverse partner ecosystem of more than 70 cloud, IXPs, data centre and SaaS companies.

IX Reach’s market-leading products and services include direct connectivity to cloud, SaaS and IXPs, data centre to data centre connectivity, flexible SDN automation, remote peering solutions, and network virtualisation.

This strong market position, when united with our network infrastructure and expertise will enable us to continue to invest heavily in R&D and push new boundaries in product delivery and provisioning automation.

We’re now the largest privately owned telecom operator in the world, with a footprint of 330+ POPs supported by 3 state of the art networks complementing each other and serving our customers’ wide needs.

These are a Layer 1 Transport network, a SDN/Layer 2 Transport network, and a Layer 3 IP/MPLS network, on top of which unique SDN and SD-WAN automation orchestrators, combined with our wholly operated IaaS platforms around the world and on-demand global Public Cloud Connectivity, will set the tone for a whole new customer experience.

Michael Ourabah, our CEO,said:

“Our global M&A strategy remains on pace and acquiring IX Reach cements our reputation as the network provider of choice for financial services, cloud providers and technology businesses. Combining the vast experience, international footprint and R&D capabilities of the two companies together enables us to deliver the next generation of network, cloud and services. We are really looking forward to continuing to define standards in an ever-changing landscape. The seamless and automated Global Infrastructure Fabric that we have engineered is second to none and will enable clients in any region and vertical markets to integrate their infrastructure needs effortlessly.”

Stephen Wilcox, President and Founder of IX Reach, said:

“This is a great move for IX Reach that secures long term investment for us, improving our customers’ experience and seeing acceleration of our future growth and expansion, and I’m delighted to be working with BSO who have been our friends and partner for over a decade and am excited to be a part of their team.”

Furthermore, Simon Vye, CEO of IX Reach, said:

 “Our combined infrastructure and technology makes us a unique proposition, and together with our strong financial position, it makes for a very different and extremely strong challenger to all the large traditional providers. The complementary link up between our companies accelerates revenue growth, significantly improves our combined profitability and most importantly allows us to continue investing rapidly in our products and services so we can continue creating truly exceptional customer experiences.”

Advisors to the acquisition were KPMG, Locke Lord and Crowe. The terms of the acquisition are undisclosed.

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