RF Express_

The lowest achievable latencies_

RF Express is a radio frequency-based connectivity product designed to deliver ultra-low latency connectivity. As with RF Ultra, RF Express connects major data centres and financial exchanges across our New Jersey, Chicago and Toronto metro area networks, and provides cost-effective connectivity optimised for order entry and other small packet services.

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Chicago Metro


CME (CyrusOne Aurora I)  - ICE Futures (Equinix CH1) 

NJ Metro


NYSE Mahwah - NASDAQ Carteret

NYSE Mahwah - CBOE (Equinix NY4 and

CBOE (Equinix NY4 and NY5) - NASDAQ Carteret

BrokerTech (Equinix NY2) - NASDAQ Carteret

Toronto Metro


TMX Markham - NASDAQ Canada (Equinix TR2)

Key benefits_

Ultra-low latency

The lowest Layer 2 connectivity available in each of our RF markets.

Fair pricing

Premium ultra-low latency at a fair price.

Our paths

RF Express uses the shortest distance geodesic path between endpoints whenever possible.

Technical features_


  • Fair-bandwidth management queuing FPGA system ensures balanced and equal bandwidth for all sub-rate capacity customers

  • Provisioned over dedicated radio equipment operating in the 71-76/81-86GHz E-Band spectrum

  • Optimised for fastest transport of packets up to 128B. Larger packets are fragmented

  • Header compression accelerates specific mac-address traffic

  • Customers can only pass Ethernet frames on this service


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