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Extending expertise to your infrastructure_

Through the ongoing shift toward a more digital, dynamic, and flexible workforce, companies must rapidly adapt their legacy architectures to support the needs of their employees and customers. Applications are moving to the cloud and must be readily accessible from more locations than ever before.

To address these needs, one must have a talented team behind them with up-to-date cloud, network, and security knowledge. BSO Managed Service Desk provides the team, tools, and processes to strategically partner with your organisation to ensure your infrastructure is optimised and designed for success.

Through these two products, we can provide all the support needed to build, manage and maintain any infrastructure that you operate.


Why choose Managed Service Desk?

Efficient processes executed by highly qualified people

Our team is guided by robust IT processes and adheres to ITIL standards. Whether it’s day-to-day management or handling an escalation, you can count on our seasoned professionals working behind BSO 24/7 Managed Service Desk.

Strong SLA

We’ve implemented an SLA that puts the customer first. Our SLA gives you the assurance that our team is accountable and will be responsive and efficient in solving your challenges.

Our extensive toolset

We’ve developed our own service desk management software that optimises our workflows and ultimately providing the best possible customer experience. Our internal tools are integrated to provide comprehensive alerts, monitoring, and maintenance data giving us a full view of your services at all times.


“Mergers can challenge even the most experienced of organisations, particularly the IT department, however our existing relationship with BSO meant bringing Charles Russell’s infrastructure under the BSO managed network was extremely efficient.”

Rob Cohen Global IT Director, Charles Russell Speechlys


“We fully trust BSO and see the company as a close partner we can rely on. The team is always available when we have a query or require a further upgrade to our bandwidth. Every recommendation we receive from BSO is sensitive to our existing IT commitments and our need to remain agile in an extremely competitive marketplace.”

CEO of Global brokerage firm


“BSO listens to what we need and delivers a highly personalised service. Finally, it is the people at BSO that make the company stand out – they are more personable, down-to-earth and available than most in the industry and when we have issues, everything is managed competently due to their service assurance.”

CEO of Global brokerage firm


“BSO’s cloud services have been with us for many years in the continuous evolution of our web platform. Thus, we continue to service our customers in the best conditions during this period”

Julien Habib-Drouot Director of e-Commerce and Customer Service Go Sport

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What is infrastructure monitoring?

Infrastructure monitoring refers to the practice of observing and tracking the performance, health, and availability of various components within an IT infrastructure. This infrastructure can include servers, networking devices, databases, applications, virtual machines, and more. The primary goal of infrastructure monitoring is to ensure that all these components are functioning properly and to detect and resolve issues promptly to minimise downtime and disruptions.

How do I know cloud based infrastructure monitoring is for me?

Determining if cloud-based infrastructure monitoring is the right choice for you involves considering your specific needs, resources, and goals. Some factors to consider are:

  • Check your IT complexity and scale.

  • Consider if you need to scale resources often.

  • Compare costs with on-site options.

  • Think about available IT resources.

  • Decide if remote monitoring is crucial.

  • Deployment turn around time.

  • Ensure cloud security meets your standards.

  • Consider whether the cloud-based monitoring solution integrates well with your existing tools.

  • Assess the level of support and expertise you require.

What does the BSO infrastructure monitoring include?

Our BSO Managed Service Desk offers two main components for infrastructure monitoring:

24/7 Hardware Monitoring: We ensure your devices operate flawlessly round the clock. This covers servers, routers, cloud VMs, and more. Our monitoring tools promptly alert us to any deviations from the optimal device state, maintaining peak performance.

Project Management: Gain expert resources to manage development and infrastructure tasks effectively. Our Project Management service supports your projects, ensuring efficient execution and successful completion.

What is the purpose of infrastructure monitoring?

The purpose of infrastructure monitoring is to ensure the reliable, efficient, and secure operation of an organisation's IT infrastructure. This encompasses various components such as servers, networks, databases, applications, and other critical systems. In essence, infrastructure monitoring is a strategic practice that ensures the stability, reliability, and optimal performance of an organisation's IT environment. It plays a vital role in meeting business objectives, maintaining user satisfaction, and mitigating risks associated with IT operations.

How can BSO help with infrastructure monitoring?

BSO provides comprehensive help for monitoring your infrastructure to ensure it performs well and stays reliable. Here's how we assist:

24/7 Device Monitoring: Our experts watch over devices like servers, routers, and cloud VMs closely. We set an ideal device state and use advanced tools to quickly spot and fix any issues, keeping things running smoothly.

Quick Issue Handling: We swiftly respond to alerts and anomalies, preventing potential problems from affecting your operations. This proactive approach reduces downtime and boosts system availability.

Optimising Performance: BSO studies monitoring data to find performance patterns. This helps us give personalised suggestions to make your infrastructure more efficient and responsive.

By trusting BSO with your monitoring, you get a dedicated partner focused on your system's health and performance. This leaves you free to focus on your core business activities.