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Today’s businesses need absolute security. With BSO DDoS Mitigation, we remedy network attacks before users have experienced any issues.

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DDoS Mitigation is straightforward. Add the service to BSO IP Transit and we configure it to match your IP Transit speed. Your subnet data will also need to be provided for our design.


BSO mitigation centres operate out of London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam data centres. Strategically placed in close proximity to our transit routers and near major internet exchanges to ensure your traffic takes the shortest path available, DDoS Mitigation is ideal for European customers. Speak to our team if you are somewhere else.


Why BSO for DDoS Mitigation?

Reduce complexity

VRF forwards your clean traffic back to you while most providers implement a VPN tunnel to redirect clean traffic. This means simpler management and configuration.

Avoid hidden costs

A flat monthly rate based on the ongoing protection makes billing easy.

Fully automated

Once calibrated, everything is automated and human intervention is only needed for additional support.


Not on-net with BSO?

Accessing BSO’s network is as easy as cross-connecting to us in your existing data centre. We have great relationships with regional carriers around the world if you aren’t present in where we are. For more information on our network, head to our network page.

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How does DDoS mitigation service work?

DDoS mitigation services operate by continuously monitoring incoming network traffic, detecting abnormal patterns associated with DDoS attacks, and diverting malicious traffic to scrubbing centres. These centres employ advanced algorithms to classify and filter out attack traffic while allowing legitimate requests to pass through. The service may also include features like CDN integration, rate limiting, and global networks for effective DDoS protection, ensuring the availability and performance of online services.

What is DDoS mitigation?

DDoS mitigation is a cybersecurity strategy and service that safeguards networks and online services from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. It involves real-time monitoring, traffic analysis, and countermeasures to detect and mitigate malicious traffic, ensuring uninterrupted access to websites and online resources.

How are DDoS attacks mitigated?

DDoS attacks are mitigated through a combination of techniques:

Traffic analysis: DDoS mitigation solutions continuously analyse incoming network traffic, looking for patterns that indicate an attack.

Traffic diversion: Malicious traffic is rerouted to specialised filtering systems, known as scrubbing centres.

Traffic filtering: Scrubbing centres classify and filter traffic, blocking malicious packets while allowing legitimate traffic to pass.

Rate limiting: Some solutions employ rate limiting to restrict traffic from specific sources or with certain characteristics.

Content delivery networks (CDNs): Integration with CDNs can distribute traffic and absorb the impact of attacks.

Global networks: Many providers operate global networks of scrubbing centres to handle large-scale attacks.

Reporting and analysis: Real-time reporting and analysis help organisations understand the attack and make informed mitigation decisions.

In summary, DDoS attacks are mitigated by analysing, filtering, and diverting traffic to protect online services from disruptions caused by malicious attacks.

Can DDoS attacks be prevented?

While it is challenging to completely prevent DDoS attacks, it is possible to significantly mitigate their impact. Prevention typically involves implementing robust cybersecurity measures, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and traffic filtering. However, due to the evolving nature of DDoS attacks, prevention alone may not suffice. DDoS mitigation strategies, including real-time traffic monitoring and traffic diversion to scrubbing centres, are essential to minimise damage and maintain service availability during an attack.

Why do I need DDoS mitigation service?

A DDoS mitigation service is essential to protect your online presence from malicious DDoS attacks. These attacks can overwhelm your network, causing service disruptions, downtime, and financial losses. DDoS mitigation services provide real-time monitoring, traffic analysis, and countermeasures to detect and block malicious traffic, ensuring the availability and performance of your online services, safeguarding your reputation, and minimising the risk of business disruption.