DDoS Mitigation_

Proactive network protection_

Today’s businesses need absolute security. With BSO DDoS Mitigation, we remedy network attacks before users have experienced any issues.

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DDoS Mitigation is straightforward. Add the service to BSO IP Transit and we configure it to match your IP Transit speed. Your subnet data will also need to be provided for our design.


BSO mitigation centres operate out of London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam data centres. Strategically placed in close proximity to our transit routers and near major internet exchanges to ensure your traffic takes the shortest path available, DDoS Mitigation is ideal for European customers. Speak to our team if you are somewhere else.


Why BSO for DDoS Mitigation?

Reduce complexity

VRF forwards your clean traffic back to you while most providers implement a VPN tunnel to redirect clean traffic. This means simpler management and configuration.

Avoid hidden costs

A flat monthly rate based on the ongoing protection makes billing easy.

Fully automated

Once calibrated, everything is automated and human intervention is only needed for additional support.


Not on-net with BSO?

Accessing BSO’s network is as easy as cross-connecting to us in your existing data centre. We have great relationships with regional carriers around the world if you aren’t present in where we are. For more information on our network, head to our network page.

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