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For data-dependent businesses, the hallmarks of success are frictionless web experiences, fast and critically reliable  access to services, smooth customer interactions and business continuity, all of which hinge on resilient infrastructure that can deliver at a global scale. In the tech/SaaS industry, predictable and low latency is critical for creating experiences that are built for the speed of now. At the same time, the rise of ransomware, DDoS attacks and security breaches has exposed the risks and vulnerabilities that come with being a data-intensive business.

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“BSO’s flexible approach provided us
with an extremely solid combination of routes
to meet – and exceed – our goals of stability.”

Gavin Parker Chief Operating Officer, Sucden Financial


Why BSO for technology?


BSO offers its secure connectivity through traditional models and through a software-defined network (SDN) platform for rapid and flexible provisioning of circuits granting high-growth SaaS firms visibility and control.


Through specialised colocation, our own cloud, integration with all major public cloud providers, and custom approach, BSO provides a high-performing, OPEX-based service for quality compute and storage.


Our network encompasses 240+ data centres across 33 countries, meaning data is hosted closer to customers, reducing latency and creating a superior user experience.


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Sucden Financial needed a network provider that could navigate the complex Asian telecoms landscape and provide low latency trading circuits with high stability.

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