IP Transit_

Dependable global access_

The market is inundated with IP Transit services; some ultra-premium, others racing to the bottom. BSO’s high-quality, cost-effective IP Transit solution caters to all.

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Service options_

Full transit

Routes from our own global network and Tier 1 partners - a complete IP Transit BGP service.

Partial transit

Direct routes only, a great addition to an existing IP Transit BGP service.

Out-of-band (OOB)

10Mbps connection with included /30 to manage remote networking equipment.

Direct internet access (DIA)

Direct feed to the Internet with an included /30 and the ability to add more IP addresses. No ASN required.


Why BSO for IP Transit?

Route Coverage

We directly peer with thousands of networks providing the most direct access for customers.


Our direct routes and multiple upstream connections ensure complete diversity.

Bundle friendly

IP Transit’s competitive rates make it a compelling add-on to existing BSO ports.

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