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As your business grows, it’s important your infrastructure and network scale too. Remote Colo alleviates the stress of entering a new market.

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Remote management

We use our team on the ground and partners to fully manage your infrastructure.

Low risk

Adaptable and scalable, we can adjust to whatever your business needs.

Rapid deployment

One provider for all networking and colocation needs with some of the fastest on-net provisioning times in the industry.

One provider

Our 24/7 NOC lets your people focus on what’s important.


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Not on-net with BSO?

Accessing BSO’s network is as easy as cross-connecting to us in your existing data centre. We have great relationships with regional carriers around the world if you aren’t present in where we are. For more information on our network, head to our network page.
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Why do I need BSO Remote Colocation?

BSO Remote colocation is essential for your business because it provides reliable, scalable, and secure infrastructure without the high costs of maintaining an in-house data centre. It ensures uninterrupted operations, compliance, and efficient resource utilisation, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.

What are the benefits of colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting offers several significant advantages, including:

Reliability: Colocation data centres are designed with redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity, ensuring high uptime and reliability for your servers and applications.

Security: Data centre facilities employ robust physical security measures, such as biometric access controls, surveillance, and security personnel, to protect your equipment from unauthorised access and physical threats.

Scalability: You can easily scale your IT infrastructure up or down as your business needs change, without the constraints of physical space or the costs of building your own data centre.

Cost efficiency: Colocation eliminates the capital expenses associated with building and maintaining an in-house data centre, including facility construction, cooling systems, and backup power generation.

High-Speed connectivity: Colocation providers typically have high-speed, redundant internet connections, allowing your servers to benefit from reliable and fast internet access.

Geographic redundancy: Placing servers in multiple colocation facilities across different geographic regions can provide geographic redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities.

What is colocation hosting?

Colocation hosting, often referred to as colo hosting or simply colocation, is a service that allows businesses to place their own servers, networking equipment, and IT infrastructure in a data centre facility provided by a third-party provider.