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Great cloud services underpin great applications_

Optimise your cloud environment to meet your technical and business objectives. BSO Cloud makes cloud effortless through our collaborative approach to building and maintaining your services that ensures you’re getting the right services for your specific needs.

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What's our USP?


BSO Key benefits


No Hidden Costs (predictable/managable bill at the end of each month)

Run by people (presales) - meet the team

Data privacy and data sovereignty (No legal ability to access your data whenever and wherever without your permission due to French legislation)

Ensure Data sovereignty (Globally)

BSO cloud platforms

Ability to have a bespoke solution

Limited cloud regions available (please click here to see our locations)

Close to the key business locations and financial ecosystem

Available Database management

Mysql / MariaDB / PostgreSQL / MongoDB / ElasticSearch

Redis / Columnstore / InfiniDB / PerconaDB


Using SSD & NVMe storage by default

100% managed and monitored VMs by default

20% Cheaper

VPC not charged if you want your VMs to communicate together

Managed VMs

24/7 VM monitoring and management available/OS management/upgrades/updates

Optional services management

Object Storage

Free ingress/egress, read/write, PUT/GET

One tier for storage

Stores 3 copies by default (can add more in same or different locations if needed)

100 Mbps IP transit included

40% cheaper than larger cloud providers

Cloud Connect

Unique BSO solution (& Low latency available)

Based on strong BSO private network


Managed Kubernetes (KB8S)

Complex solution that the team helps you build
Offload the admin to us

Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS)

Complex solution that the team helps you build
Do everything yourself

Billing based on cloud-managed VMs only; you only pay the cloud capabilities that the Kubernetes cluster is using (our basic solution is 5 VMs) as opposed to paying for the additional Kubernetes service on top of that

Block Storage

S3 API compatible

Dedicated LUN (available on our VMware solution)

On Premise

24/7 monitoring and management available

Private cloud

Fully Managed

50% cheaper than AWS

Setup in 3 months

All in one solution (IaaS / Block Storage / Objects storage / Managed VMs)

Redundant network

Managed Services

Devops / Netops / finops team on support of Customer's IT Team


Customer can spawn, resize, create, and delete through API



Why BSO for your cloud journey?

Quality infrastructure

Every cloud region uses infrastructure of the highest grade - fast, reliable, robust. We utilise SSD and NVMe for storage - high IOPs guaranteed.

Transparent pricing

Clear cost breakdowns, no hidden fees (100% predictable) and pricing that is easy to understand.

Our team approach

Unlike others, we treat every cloud customer equally, large or small, with our uncontested consulting-led approach.

Redundancy and Security

Protecting your data and securing your cloud environment is our priority. Our cloud solutions are fully redundant and meet the highest standard in terms of security.


“The major cloud providers' one-size-fits-all approach tends to lack transparency when it comes to services but also to costs. BSO supported our specific needs and development with a great deal of expertise. Our BSO interlocutors provided us with the flexibility to create custom solutions adapted to our specific needs, on a 24/7 basis, and as part of a larger solutions portfolio. We can now focus our resources on building quality services for our customers. "

Soumow Atitallah Head of Engineering & Product at Opisto


"The choice of BSO was motivated by its ability to offer quality support, provided by highly qualified engineers who can support us at any time, but also by the quality of its scalable, fully S3-compatible, high-availability hosting solution, which is sovereign because it is hosted in France, redundant and guarantees 100% data durability."

Gilles Gozlan CEO at CloudReso


We have site availability_

BSO operates cloud regions in Paris, London, New York, Dubai and Hong Kong. Each site is strategically designed to address the needs of its market.

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Features & services_

Infrastructure as a Service

Designed to address both off-the-shelf and bespoke projects, BSO IaaS provides the cloud platform for your business to succeed. Select from our in-house cloud infrastructure with different secured VMware/KVM-based virtual machines, forms of storage and hypervisors to meet your exact requirements. Best for those who already know which infrastructure they need.

  • Private Cloud option

Private Cloud

This solution is designed for customers that must prioritize security and guarantee the performance of their infrastructure. It outsources the management of your information system, and provides a guaranteed SLA all while offering the same level of control as an on-prem solution.

Object Storage

BSO Object Storage is ideal for companies looking for a resilient, organised, and cost-effective method to store their data. It can be used to store any file type and cover a wide range of applications, including the Internet of Things, big data analytics, static resources for websites, backup and restore.

Managed Kubernetes

Through BSO Managed Kubernetes, we provide a flexible platform that can work on any cloud and provide mobility to move between providers as your needs change.

Managed Services

We know the importance of a properly designed cloud environment. When built correctly, costs are predictable, applications are dependable, infrastructure scales smoothly, data is secure and provides an ongoing 24/7 support. Our team has years of experience in:

  • System administration

  • DevOps

  • Database administration

  • Networking and cloud connectivity

  • Hybrid cloud solutions

  • Cost optimisation of public cloud

Once your environment is live, our team can also help with ongoing management and support.