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Automation and software-defined networking (SDN) have reshaped how companies procure and manage their connectivity. BSO Portal takes the best of these technologies to make every aspect of your network easier, faster and more efficient.

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BSO Portal brings all of your service information and tools front and center so that you have a complete view of your assets and can make informed decisions about your infrastructure.

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Why choose BSO Portal?

Greater control
Through self-provisioning and shorter commitments, infrastructure can be rapidly modified to suit present needs.
Save cost and time
Do what you want, when you want with our intuitive interface: pay for what you use, self-provision your network, upgrade your service fast and adapt it to your needs in a few clicks.
Heightened security
When accessing critical cloud workloads or interconnecting your data centre infrastructure, private and dedicated connections provide the greatest level of security to keep your data safe.
Our network at your fingertips
BSO’s highly redundant network ensures exceptional uptime and capacity. The routes we have selected are of high-quality and offer competitive latencies to get your traffic to destinations sooner. Access to global connectivity on-demand by self-provisioning your services and choose among our 240 PoPs, 40 cloud on-ramps and 75 IX.


One-click access to our global network_


Cloud connect

Automated cloud connections (50Mbps up to 10Gbps) to 40+ on-ramps of the world’s leading cloud service providers. Accessible globally through any of our 240+ POPs.

1. EPL - da-nina-SOkTn3GbQiM-unsplash

Ethernet point-to-point

Automated point-to-point connectivity between any SDN POPs across our backbone. 50Mbps to 10Gbps.

More great products coming soon_

Our ambitious roadmap for One Portal means great products are just around the corner.


Our global network_

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