22 Sep 2020

BSO broadens on-demand Cloud Connect offering with Alibaba Cloud


To facilitate companies around the world operating cloud environments, BSO now provides secure and dedicated connectivity to Alibaba Cloud.

London, 22 September  2020 – BSO, the leading global telecoms operator powering the digital age, today announced it will offer on-demand private connectivity to Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group. The partnership will allow BSO customers to locally interconnect to all Alibaba Cloud locations and regions via BSO’s network of 240+ POPs with Service Level Agreements-backed guaranteed performance.

Built over BSO’s global and resilient core private ethernet network, BSO Cloud Connect provides customers with seamless, on-demand connectivity from their data centres and networks, office or colocation environment to cloud service providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud and now Alibaba Cloud.

The partnership between BSO and Alibaba Cloud provides global enterprises with a dedicated, private, reliable and highly secure connection from their sites to their critical applications within Alibaba Cloud with unlimited regional coverage. This connectivity will allow BSO’s customers to reduce network cost, increase bandwidth throughput, and realise a more consistent network experience than internet-based connections.

Stephen Wilcox, Chief Product Officer of BSO:
“Covid-19 has irrevocably changed our world. We have seen a steep increase in businesses migrating their mission-critical applications to the cloud – and for a successful migration you need seamless connectivity,”

“We are delighted to partner with Alibaba Cloud. Consistently named by Gartner as the third largest global provider for infrastructure as a service and first in Asia Pacific, Alibaba Cloud is a key player in the cloud services market. The partnership embodies our endeavours to support businesses on their accelerated digital transformation journeys.”

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of cloud computing services to businesses worldwide, including merchants doing business on Alibaba Group marketplaces, start-ups, corporations and public services. With its unique offerings and advanced security capabilities, Alibaba Cloud provides an extensive range of cloud computing products in computing, database management, networking, security and storage that can be deployed globally.

Features and benefits of connecting directly to Alibaba Cloud: 

  • A more consistent network experience with costs optimisation for data transfer compared to internet-based connections thanks to a dedicated fibre optic connection

  • Increased levels of security and predictability for latency-sensitive traffic allowing greater end-to-end control

  • Variety of connection speed options: 100Mbps to 10Gbps over 1GE or 10GE ports

  • More redundancy and disaster recovery of customers’ network infrastructure

  • Full SLA assurance (single invoice) 24/7 NOC for monitoring and support

This collaboration between BSO and Alibaba Cloud will help customers drive business-process efficiency, improve customer engagement, and accelerate their digital transformation efforts.


About BSO

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