13 Sep 2021

BSO partners with ImpactScope becoming the first connectivity provider to offer carbon offsetting for crypto traders_

BSO, in partnership with ImpactScope, a social enterprise providing carbon offsetting solutions to crypto enthusiasts, has become the first connectivity provider to offer clients that trade cryptocurrencies the means to calculate and offset the excess carbon emissions of their operations.

The criticism of cryptocurrencies’ energy consumption and its related carbon footprint is a major challenge for all players in the crypto space and is being addressed at both a corporate and regulatory level by mandates such as the European Union’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), which comes into force in January 2022. In line with these developments, investors have also been compelled in recent years to seek out additions to their portfolio that not only deliver great returns but are also more socially responsible. With ImpactScope’s unique APIs, BSO’s customers can minimise the impact of their crypto transactions in real-time and make the shift to more ESG-focused investing. 

BSO’s existing client base has full access to ImpactScope’s suite of solutions and can choose from a variety of geographically diverse and verified offsets by Verra and Gold Standard, the world’s leading programmes for the certification of greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Other services offered through the partnership include crypto-related ESG reporting and carbon auditing of corporate treasuries for institutional investors holding crypto assets. 

Michael Ourabah, CEO of BSO, said:
“In light of recent reports highlighting the climate emergency we are facing, there is a sense of urgency in the industry to change for the better. By partnering with ImpactScope we are able to offer support to our clients in fighting climate change and help them make trading crypto more sustainable,”

Gregg Betz, Co-founder of ImpactScope added:
“We welcome the opportunity to join together with BSO and give players in the crypto and digital assets arena the chance to meet their ESG goals; assessing and subsequently offsetting their crypto carbon footprints. The mission of ImpactScope is to help crypto stakeholders, be they exchanges, end-users, mining pools, or institutional investors, become greener, more sustainable and more aware of the environmental consequences of their actions. BSO is a great partner for us and we look forward to serving and developing the market together." 

ImpactScope’s carbon offsetting solutions are now available to all BSO customers worldwide.

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PR contacts:

Katie Wilson/Tilson Pinto, CCgroup: bso@ccgrouppr.com


About ImpactScope

ImpactScope is a Geneva and Budapest based social enterprise providing solutions to digital asset marketplaces, crypto enthusiasts, bitcoin miners, and institutional investors.  Our mission is to bring Bitcoin and the Blockchain into carbon negative territory.  We provide assessment and advisory services from top experts in the field as well as end to end implementation of transformative and sustainable solutions. 

Api integrated solutions for crypto exchanges for providing real time carbon offsetting solutions


Contact ImpactScope

Sean Murphy
Tel: +36 30 950 5532
Email: sean@impactscope.com


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