11 Apr 2018


Our CCO, Fraser Bell, is featured in Markets Media providing his insights on the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

Markets MediaMarkets Media 10/04/2018: For the global trading community, trying to make a quick buck from currency markets over the past few years has been the equivalent of waiting for a London bus. But as the old saying goes, one can wait an eternity for one, and then two suddenly come at once.

After a prolonged slump, daily FX volumes are finally on the rise again – up 24% from this time last year and up 15% from December (according to CLS). In addition, with Bitcoin up one day and down the next, electronic market makers suddenly have more than one currency market to exploit.

While an uptick in traditional volumes can only be good for FX markets, volatility is still Fraser Bellcomfortably below long-term average levels. Hence why the crypto bus is the one many speed staved traders will be looking to jump on sooner rather than later. And it is not hard to see why. After all, these guys base their entire trading business around big price swings.

And with crypto pairs such as Bitcoin/Ethereum fluctuating in value across multiple markets, there is no shortage of opportunity for computer savvy firms to profit quickly from price differences.