04 Nov 2015


The fastest, most stable and robust routes to Dubai.

BSO Network Solutions (BSO) and Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) will be at Chicago’s 31st Annual FIA Futures & Options Expo on 3rd-5th November 2015 to promote the unique trading opportunities provided by their collaborative platform.

Earlier this year, BSO and DGCX announced a strategic agreement focused on enabling global organisations greater connectivity into Dubai and emerging markets.

DGCX already provides the financial community with a gateway to key growth markets with a particular focus on commodities, currencies, hydrocarbons and equity indices. DGCX also represents the largest offshore liquidity pool on the Indian Rupee, accounting for approximately 35% of the global exchange traded volumes on the NDF currency.

Through its partnership with BSO, DGCX has strengthened its multi-asset trading and clearing facilities, which are provided through its 100% wholly owned clearing house DCCC (Dubai Commodities Clearing Corporation). This is the first Middle Eastern clearing house to work closely with Euroclear and Clearstream to offer leading collateral management solutions.

Furthermore, newly appointed DGCX CEO, Gaurang Desai, recently discussed the strength of Dubai, its value to global trading firms and how the exchange remains the leading derivatives platform in the MENA region. He announced on 5th October that year-to-date (YTD) volumes were up 29% Y-O-Y. This is in part due to the newly launched India Gold and Silver Quanto futures contracts that have provided significant traction among the bullion trading community, as well as emerging market equity index contracts that have ensured a robust hedging mechanism in times of global market volatility.

BSO is an expert in low-latency connectivity for the financial industry and a leading partner for DGCX market data access and connectivity solutions. As well as standard connectivity into the exchange, the two companies offer a ‘Market Data Connect’ service that delivers access to the ‘DGCX EOS Platform’ through a cross connect at Equinix LD4 in Slough. This offers a lower commitment, lower cost layer 3 solution for those organisations wishing to explore the markets before investing in their own infrastructure.

Latencies into Dubai include:

Chicago – 192ms*

London – 112ms*

Frankfurt – 103ms*

Singapore – 82ms*

Mumbai – 28.4ms*

BSO’s leading latencies from Chicago include:

London – 79.6ms*

Frankfurt – 88.4ms*

Tokyo – 121.7ms*

Istanbul – 124ms*

Shanghai – 152ms*

Sydney – 181ms*

Mumbai – 191ms*

*Latencies correct as of 04/11/2015


DGCX and BSO can be found at Booth 413 at the event.

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