19 Oct 2015


Dan Baker, editor of Telexchange Journal, caught up with BSO’s CEO Michael Ourabah at the ITW Trading Show in Chicago to discuss the challenges of building stable low latency networks, the complexities of connecting to emerging markets and the benefits of being an independent carrier.

As Dan questions at the beginning of the interview, “What does it take to deliver Ethernet across the Earth’s vast oceans and forests? The switches, submarine cables and peering exchange data centres are the starting point. But the hardest work is performed by the engineers and network planners who configure these Lego building bricks in a way that serves the custom needs of global enterprises.”

BSO’s engineers and network planners are always working relentlessly to ensure the BSO network best serves its clients and is the fastest and most reliable it can be. When it comes to connecting established and emerging markets, this is where BSO really excels, and Michael elaborates on why this is in the interview, read it in full here Connecting High-Bandwidth Core Networks to Emerging Markets in the Middle East & Asia Pacific.