11 Nov 2021

Flowdesk trusts BSO to optimise its global infrastructure and improve connectivity for its trading operations_

Flowdesk, an innovative crypto player in France offering liquidity provision solutions for the crypto ecosystem and institutional investors, was looking for a trusted partner to develop its business and gain efficiency on their trading operations. To overcome the connectivity constraints between the different crypto exchanges in Europe and Asia, Flowdesk chose BSO. This choice was motivated by BSO's ability to master direct connectivity with all the multi-regional public clouds and its presence in traditional financial data centres (for instance Deribit, hosted at LD4).

Previously, Flowdesk used the internet to connect their trading algorithms from crypto exchanges, which were themselves hosted in multi-region public clouds. Today, Flowdesk relies on the "BSO Crypto Connect" solution, the result of a triple expertise: more than 10 years of experience in ultra low latency connectivity solutions for financial institutions, direct connectivity to all major public clouds and strong knowledge of the blockchain/crypto ecosystem.

This bespoke solution allows to interconnect crypto exchanges hosted in public clouds with the best latencies in the market and thus considerably increase the performance of the trading algorithms of crypto players.

Guilhem Chaumont, CEO & Founder of Flowdesk.
"BSO offers us a combination of key expertise: experience in providing high availability and high-performance solutions for the traditional capital market ecosystem for 15 years and their strong innovation capacity through their cloud-to-cloud /Crypto Connect products. Crypto Connect being the most suitable product for our crypto trading activities that will allow us to expand our business by interconnecting all crypto exchanges through our infrastructure." 

Flowdesk also chose BSO for the proximity of its teams (11 agencies worldwide including Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, London and New York) who are also passionate about the world of crypto-trading.

Guilhem Chaumont adds:
"Since we have been using the BSO Crypto Connect solution, we have noticed a clear improvement in the performance of our trading and execution algorithms, which has allowed us to substantially increase the profitability of our trading models as well as the quality of customer service"

Thomas Lanaute, BSO Europe's Sales Director, also said:
"For us, it is a real pleasure to support companies like Flowdesk. It also allows us to increase our presence in the crypto trading ecosystem and to challenge our ability to innovate in the implementation of infrastructure solutions for this demanding and fast growing ecosystem"



About Flowdesk

Flowdesk offers a multi-service crypto financial infrastructure for token providers and institutional investors. Flowdesk provides fully optimised crypto liquidity management through an all-in-one solution covering liquidity provision for secondary markets, custody, brokerage and yield operations, especially in decentralised finance. 

Learn more:  https://www.flowdesk.co/ 

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