17 Apr 2018


Ready to capitalise on future FX trading opportunities?

On the 3rd of May at the London Stock Exchange, we will be holding a panel discussing the Future of FX alongside those at the forefront of FX trading.

Michael Ourabah, our CEO will feature alongside Stephane Malrait from ING, Ramy Soliman from Stater Global Markets, Tom Higgins of Gold-I, R5FX’s Jon Vollemaere and Eddie Tofpik of ADM Investor Services Int’l Ltd.

Gold-i, ADM, R5FX, Stater Global Markets & ING

The panel that we’re hosting will discuss the key topics included in the recent Realization Group report: Taking the Leap into Asia and Cryptocurrencies: The Future for FX Trading?

The report features unique insights from the panellists on the Future of the FX market, especially two key trends of the FX landscape: the growing popularity of Asian currency markets and the whirlwind growth of cryptocurrency trading.

The panel aims to answer the pressing questions FX traders have, such as:

  • What do these and other trends mean for the banks, brokers and investment firms that currently operate in the FX markets?

  • How can firms that provide access to these markets ensure their infrastructure is agile enough to respond to these trends?

  • What does the future hold?

In recent years, the adoption of fintech in some of Asia’s major financial hubs and the growth of trading in emerging markets has seen an increased interest in the APAC region for FX, particularly Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.

In the BIS FX Survey in 2016, the data showed an increase in market share from 15% to 21% for Asia’s three key FX trading hubs – Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

The BIS Triennial Central Bank Survey of global FX trading is a comprehensive source of information on the global foreign exchange and the OTC derivatives markets. It started in 1986, with an aim to keep the financial industry informed of the developments in the global financial markets, as well as provide transparency in the OTC derivatives market.

In the BIS FX Survey in 2016, the data showed an increase in market share from 15% to 21% for Asia’s three key FX trading hubs – Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

With increased demand for faster trading across Asia, we have focused on enhancing our low-latency connectivity into Asia’s emerging markets, notably Hong Kong – Singapore and Taiwan. Recent growth in Tokyo, including the fact Japan’s capital was ranked fifth in the worlds’ top financial hubs, has prompted increased demand for high-speed access into JPX.

This will provide FX traders with the lowest latency on the market and empowers our growing FX client base to increase the volume of trades they can execute through the network.

In evolving markets such as FX, the winners are often those that utilise their reliant, low-latency trading infrastructures.

Our CEO Michael Ourabah says:

“We’re seeing a huge trend towards trading in the emerging markets, not only currencies themselves but also many of their derivatives…many firms who aren’t trading them yet are missing out on valuable, and very profitable, opportunities”

This panel is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed with unique insights from some of the UK’s key FX trading representatives.

Register today and be the first to hear industry thought leaders views on “Taking the Leap into Asia and Cryptocurrencies: The Future for FX Trading?” to be held at the London Stock Exchange on 3rd May 2018. 

See you there!



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