26 Apr 2018


We’re proud to be exhibiting at the Trading Show in Chicago on 9-10th May.

This is the second year in a row we’re sponsoring the event at Navy Pier in Chicago, which boasts 1200 attendees, and presentations from leaders in the finance industry.trading show chicago

In 2017, our CEO Michael Ourabah joined the ‘Ultra-low latency connectivity’ panel alongside senior representatives from CME Group, ZNES Group and G2 Trading.

Despite LEO technology being perceived as the one to watch, Michael believes that LEO will not take over as the one and only method of transferring data:

“I think microwave, millimetre wave and fibre technology all complement each other, and it is clear that LEO satellites are the next-generation of connectivity, how that can be applied to high-frequency trading remains a big question mark.”

Wireless is already here and is being proven as a competitive differentiator more and more every day.

Connect with Wireless

Advancements across microwave and millimetre wave mean adoption within the international trading community is growing.

Wireless networks have shaved milliseconds off established trading routes and simplified access into lucrative emerging exchanges. Microwave, which can transmit data at speeds approximately 50% faster than fibre, is a crucial competitive advantage in the race to zero.

Recognising the benefits associated with wireless we acquired Apsara Networks, a market-leading wireless provider. Apsara’s wireless microwave network connects some of the world’s most important liquidity venues, including its New Jersey route spanning Nasdaq, NYSE and BATS.

Developments in trading technology isn’t the only topic likely to be discussed at this year’s event.

In evolving markets such as Asia, the winners are often those that utilise their reliant, low-latency trading infrastructures.

With exciting developments in the market, it is likely that there will also be focused discussions on recent trading activity in Asia and the whirlwind of cryptocurrency.

The Domination of Asia And Crypto

In the BIS FX Survey in 2016, the data showed an increase in market share from 15% to 21% for Asia’s three key FX trading hubs – Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

As more and more new FX markets open up, the opportunities are there for the taking.

Repeatedly we’ve seen firms that take the leap into trading in Asia quickly reap the benefits – and then continue to expand their global reach.

In evolving markets such as Asia, the winners are often those that utilise their reliant, low-latency trading infrastructures.

This year we’ll be at Booth #302 where you can come and meet our CEO, Michael Ourabah, our Head of Sales – Americas, Steve McConnell, our Head of Wireless Networks, Callum McGowan and our Global Marketing Manager, Emma Bird.

Interested in learning more about our wireless connectivity and ultra low-latency routes?



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