15 Nov 2021

What to expect when you partner with BSO

For businesses to succeed in today’s market they need a reliable, fast and high-performing network connectivity solution that empowers them to do what they do best – deliver to clients. But finding a suitable solution isn’t straightforward. It takes a lot of planning and consideration to ensure you choose the right network infrastructure specialist to cater for your unique business needs.

The right partner makes all the difference, especially when you operate in an industry that depends on optimised network connectivity, such as financial markets. Mission-critical projects like cryptocurrency trading require low latency, high-frequency infrastructure to ensure ongoing performance that can keep up with demand. So, it’s important to partner with a network connectivity provider that understands these industry-specific requirements.

Why BSO is a network infrastructure specialist with a difference

BSO was founded to develop a global, high-performance network with client satisfaction at the core. Founded and run by engineers, BSO has become a market-leading IT infrastructure provider that does not compromise, serving the most demanding and regulated industries worldwide. 

As an award-winning network infrastructure specialist, BSO combines the highest standard of technology with the highest level of service, made possible through a comprehensive range of IT infrastructure and networking solutions, such as:

  • Site-to-site connectivity solutions

  • Connectivity to strategic endpoints solutions

  • An extensive global network

  • BSO Cloud and cloud onramps

  • Colocation services

  • Managed IT services that include auditing, consulting, management and monitoring

BSO’s team of highly qualified experts ensure that you get a low latency connectivity solution and the added value of our bespoke approach, always-on monitoring and availability, proactive support and overall cost optimisation.

Seven reasons why BSO could be the right network infrastructure specialist for your business:

  1. BSO consists of technology pioneers residing at the forefront of innovation that provide market-leading global low latency cloud connectivity solutions.

  2. Our experts embrace complex challenges and overhaul the status quo of connectivity.

  3. You get consistent access to expert advice to understand and solve network issues specific to your business.

  4. BSO independently builds and manages its own network to meet market-specific demands.

  5. We take a truly global approach to connecting underserved emerging markets.

  6. BSO integrates market vertical-specific capabilities into its infrastructure, speeding up time to market, reducing risk and improving operational efficiencies.

  7. While BSO provides global solutions to meet complex requirements, our network infrastructure specialists are dedicated to meeting your individual business needs, across cultures, with round-the-clock support. 

Introducing BSO’s Crypto Connect solution

Growing interest and demand for cryptocurrencies is driving investment in low latency solutions for effective crypto trading. That’s why BSO created Crypto Connect, which provides premium access to crypto through their ultra-low latency, high availability global network and cloud infrastructure.

Why choose Crypto Connect?

BSO’s global network has a reach of 240 data centres across 33 countries with 40+ active cloud onramps, making the solution’s coverage ideal for the fast-changing crypto industry.

We’re established as a cloud networking leader, with long-term partnerships with top cloud vendors including AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, IBM and Oracle. Our virtual routing platform supports any cloud-to-cloud connection without needing to route through your on-premises or data centre infrastructure.

BSO has spent 15 years building and optimising its low latency global network and continues to do so through extensive carrier partnerships that ensure the team knows about the latest paths and route optimisations. Explore the BSO network map.

Find out how our bespoke networking solutions can meet your needs

If you’re looking for a network infrastructure specialist to transform your business through sophisticated connectivity capabilities, we’d love to discuss your goals and challenges. BSO can create bespoke solutions to meet your unique network connectivity needs and help you gain a competitive advantage. We’ll ensure you get the most advanced cloud configurations combined with low latency assets and consistent 24/7 bandwidth and connectivity.

For more information on BSO products or to talk to a specialist about the right solution for you, get in touch with BSO now.

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The company was founded in 2004 and serves the world’s largest financial institutions. BSO is a global pioneering infrastructure and connectivity provider, helping over 600 data-intensive businesses across diverse markets, including financial services, technology, energy, e-commerce, media and others. BSO owns and provides mission-critical infrastructure, including network connectivity, cloud solutions, managed services and hosting, that are specific and dedicated to each customer served.

The company’s network comprises 240+ PoPs across 33 markets, 50+ cloud on-ramps, is integrated with all major public cloud providers and connects to 75+ on-net internet exchanges and 30+ stock exchanges. The team of experts works closely with customers in order to create solutions that meet the detailed and specific needs of their business, providing the latency, resilience and security they need regardless of location.

BSO is headquartered in Ireland, and has 11 offices across the globe, including London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Access our website and find out more information: www.bso.co