10 Oct 2023

CEO Insights: Overcoming the Challenges of Expanding into New Markets and Moving Towards the Cloud: The BSO Blueprint

At BSO, we understand the significance of diversifying into new markets and the complexities that come with it. In a recent interview with TradingTech Insight, our CEO, Michael Ourabah, shed light on the challenges that trading firms face when venturing into uncharted territories and how BSO is committed to helping them navigate these challenges strategically.

Why Diversify into New Markets?

Michael pointed out that many trading firms increasingly focus on diversifying asset classes and expanding their trading footprint across different geographical regions. This diversification strategy is driven by the desire to uncover new sources of alpha. Remaining stagnant in one market can lead to reduced profits and margins, making diversification a key to enhancing profitability.

Challenges in Market Expansion

Expanding into new markets is not without its challenges. Firms must navigate unfamiliar regulatory landscapes, address compliance concerns, find suitable partners and brokers, and ensure optimal connectivity. This can be particularly daunting, as it involves procuring and shipping equipment overseas, establishing brokerage arrangements, and optimizing proximity to the exchange.

How Can BSO Help Navigate these Challenges?

BSO offers innovative solutions to these challenges. Through colocation-based bare metal offerings and cloud hosting services, we enable firms to take a phased approach to market expansion. Our cloud solutions provide the flexibility to start testing new markets without the need to immediately invest in dedicated hardware. This approach allows firms to explore new asset classes and regions cautiously, rather than committing extensive resources upfront.

Who Can Benefit?

Michael highlighted that while top-tier firms may invest fully from the outset, there is a broader pool of prop trading firms and hedge funds that can benefit from our approach. By conducting back testing near the exchange, firms can lower their initial barriers to entry, making diversification more accessible.

Words of Advice

Our CEO emphasized that firms should not assume that operations in new regions mirror those of major Western exchanges. Each market has nuances, so it's essential to tread cautiously and seek guidance from experts with deep experience in those regions. Collaborating with the right partners is also crucial for a successful expansion strategy.

Looking to the Future

Finally, Michael discussed the growth in the crypto sector and the increasing interest from traditional finance firms. BSO, with its extensive experience in digital asset markets, is well-positioned to support firms venturing into this space.

In conclusion, BSO is committed to helping trading firms overcome the challenges of expanding into new markets. We provide the infrastructure, connectivity, and expertise needed to navigate these uncharted waters strategically. To read the full interview with Michael Ourabah, visit the original article

Stay tuned for more insights and updates from BSO as we continue to empower trading firms in their pursuit of alpha.


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