26 Apr 2018


Off to explore the latest developments in the Middle East, our Chief Executive Officer, Michael Ourabah, is jetting off to Dubai this weekend!

Michael is heading out to take part in the 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Equity Capital Markets in MENA. It is a unique event that brings together thought leaders and key stakeholders from across the globe.MENA Roadshow Dubai 2018

The conference aims to stimulate productive conversations about concerted efforts towards diversification and growth in the Middle East economies and emerging capital markets in the region.

Michael will form part of a panel on Technology & The New Financial Era. Specifically, he will be discussing the subject of “Financial Technology: Opportunities, challenges and solutions for market traders and high-end investors”.

The recent growth of the fintech sector has been staggering. Some of the best and brightest minds from the technology and financial industries have come together to revolutionise how we conceive monetary management.

Underpinning this remarkable growth have been innovative developments in data, hosting, security and networking solutions.

Some of the best and brightest minds from the technology and financial industries have come together to revolutionise how we conceive monetary management.

Here at BSO, we relish the opportunity to engage continuously with the most recent innovations in the financial technology sector. In the current business climate, a company’s approach to technology can either catalyse growth or hinder their progress and profit-earning potential.

By positioning ourselves at the forefront of this innovation, we thrive on these developments because they force us to update our services, expand into new territories and challenge the status quo.

As such, Michael felt it was only fitting that he threw himself at the opportunity to contribute to the MENA conference. At their core, events such as these encapsulate the belief that the sharing of ideas is universally beneficial because they contribute to the betterment and advancement of all involved in our industry.

At a time when the financial sector’s digital evolution is rapidly evolving together with the networking and cloud industries, it is more important than ever that representatives open a dialogue about moving forward productively.

Explore the conference website and take a look at the agenda to get a glimpse of the compelling discussions that are sure to take place between Michael and his fellow delegates at the event.

We’re all looking forward to hearing about his trip and everything he learned when he gets back.

Going to be in Dubai on 29-30th April?



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