22 Feb 2017


R.J. O’Brien Limited (RJO Limited), the London-based affiliate of R.J. O’Brien & Associates (RJO), the oldest and largest independent futures brokerage and clearing firm in the United States, has selected BSO’s 10G low-latency network ring for its core global connectivity.

The network provides RJO Limited clients with reliable and diverse access points to its brokerage, clearing and trading services.

BSO’s global low-latency network was the primary driver behind the decision, as it enables RJO Limited clients to access its services regardless of where they are situated. This is particularly important to RJO Limited’s high speed and algorithmic trading clients, who have a single point of access to international trading opportunities. For example, if a trading firm is looking to gain access from Tel Aviv to RJO Limited’s services in London, they can simply cross-connect via BSO.

BSO’s low-latency connectivity ensures our clients have seamless access to our services

Adam Solomons, EMEA Chief Customer Officer at RJO Limited, said: “From providing faster quote times to higher levels of responsiveness, BSO’s low-latency connectivity ensures our clients have seamless access to our services. Our independent, dynamic and service-driven approach dovetails nicely with BSO, and its proven track record will enable us to meet our clients’ needs.”

Devinder Singh Harry, RJO Limited Chief Information Officer, EMEA, said: “From a high standard of technical excellence to dedicated bandwidth, BSO’s global network footprint will help us to continue growing from our solid base in the U.S., Europe and Asia.”

Fraser Bell, Chief Revenue Officer at BSO concluded: “With clients scattered across all parts of the world, appetite among the broker community for low-latency connectivity has never been stronger. Our partnership with RJO Limited reinforces our commitment to providing flexible and innovative network services to the global financial markets.”

RJO Limited is currently live on the BSO network.

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