04 Mar 2019

We have been Voted Best Cloud-Based Data Solution at TradingTech Awards Europe 2019

We’re humbled to have been voted Best Cloud-Based Data Solution at the 2019 TradingTech Europe Awards.

TradingTech Europe Awards acknowledges excellence in trading technology and has long been the symbol of financial technology trading and stability in the market. Giving full access to all the latest developments in the industry globally.

BSO has always strived to provide the best product on the market with our cloud-based data service, and last year we launched global access to AWS Direct Connect service. Offering DCS hybrid private/public cloud to a wide global audience enabling customers to benefit from both a fully redundant, secure private cloud environment for higher workload applications, as well as seamless access to the flexible AWS public cloud.

We work with clients wishing to scale and grow their businesses, particularly in the expanding FinTech hubs and Emerging Markets in Asia and the Middle East, to build out the most suitable hybrid cloud environment. Allowing clients to establish a dedicated network connection using industry standard VLANs, which can be partitioned into multiple virtual interfaces. Delivering direct private connectivity to AWS cloud from financial data centres, offices and co-location environments globally.

Our cloud service has now become a core component of many successful IT strategies within recent years and we are honored to receive such recognition from the voters of TradingTech Europe.

Michael Ourabah, our CEO, commented on the award-win:

“We’re proud to be recognized by the voters for our services. We’re a company that have industry professionals that go above and beyond to give our customers the best possible products on the market. This award from TradingTech Europe is a testament to their hard work.”

We are also delighted to announce OpenFin the winner of the 2019 BSO Award for FinTech Innovation. The award recognizes excellence in innovation expressed by a business or new market entrant to the trading and technology sector. BSO sponsors the Fintech Innovation Award to praise the smaller, up-and-coming firms with the desire and ambition to progress in the financial trading industry.

OpenFin are the well-deserved winners of the BSO FinTech Innovation Award as a result of their progressive operating system of finance to modernize desktops and accelerate.

After launching in 2010, OpenFin OS is now used to deploy thousands of industry apps to over 1500 sell-side and buy-side firms. Helping financial professionals consume in the most relevant and convenient way. OpenFin has a diverse team of technologists, code artists, deployment experts, and finance professionals with a remarkable passion for customer service and end-user experience.

Adam Toms, OpenFin’s Chief Executive Officer, stated:

“We are honored for this industry recognition of our product. Many thanks to BSO for sponsoring the award.”

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