Photoweb and BSO: Revolutionising Cloud Management for Agile and Cost-Effective Operations_


Photoweb is a company deeply rooted in the tradition of preserving memories, with over 20 years of experience in the field of photo impressions. Recognizing the rapid changes in the world, Photoweb has committed itself to reevaluating its environmental and societal impact. This introspection has led to a mission of challenging and reducing their footprint on the planet, which they so passionately capture through photography.

Understanding their influential role, Photoweb strives to reflect the diversity and beauty of the world. They acknowledge the necessity to rethink their consumption and production processes, aligning with the principles of sustainability and responsibility.


Photoweb has been a client of BSO for about a decade. Two years ago, they approached BSO with a challenge to consolidate their cloud infrastructure for various brands under the group, aiming to become their own cloud player. The goal was to create a centralized cloud factory for internal cost allocation and unify technologies inherited from different brands.


  • Cloud Stack Interface: BSO offered a solution based on Cloud Stack, an interface for orchestrating resources using KVM hypervisors. This environment supports various complexities, including VMs, containers, and Kubernetes orchestration.

  • Custom Platform: A custom platform based on KVM hypervisors, allowing VM, container, and Kubernetes cluster management.

  • DevOps Services: In addition to infrastructure, BSO provided DevOps services for optimizing resource usage, automation tools, performance optimization, and monitoring.

  • Focus on Microservices: Emphasis was given to microservices to enhance Photoweb's capabilities.

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Implementation and Results
  • Deadline-Oriented Project: The project had specific deadlines, driven by the need to upgrade outdated hardware and support new projects.

  • Internal Benefits: Significant internal benefits such as cost consolidation, ease of process management, and improved internal operations.

  • Infrastructure Pressure: The platform provided scalability and fluidity, improving the relationship between business operations and the IT department.


The collaboration between Photoweb and BSO resulted in a successful consolidation of cloud services, meeting the specific needs of Photoweb while managing costs and improving operational efficiency. The case study demonstrates the importance of a tailored approach in cloud solutions, addressing specific client challenges and objectives.


CryptoStruct serves institutional traders across the world and this professional client base understands that speed is everything in cryptocurrency trading. Even one second’s delay can significantly impact a strategy’s performance.

With this expectation in mind, CryptoStruct knew it needed robust ultra low latency global connectivity to meet client expectations. Prior to launching its professional market data platform, CryptoStruct searched for a network provider with the appropriate network performance, scale and financial services experience. Equally important was the ability to react promptly to market changes.

CryptoStruct first outlined its requirements to an enterprise telecoms operator, believing that a large-scale provider could leverage its resources to meet CryptoStruct’s needs. This company proved slow to respond and demonstrated an unwillingness to innovate.

CryptoStruct then turned to nimbler providers willing to design a bespoke service instead.

Thomas Schmeling, Chief Executive Officer at CryptoStruct, said: “We engaged BSO because of its international reach, reputation for ultra low latency connectivity, and experience in highly regulated financial markets. These qualities have proven true; however, it is BSO’s pace and flexibility that have stood out to us again and again.”

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