Rapid.Space guarantees that its customers maintain control over the technologies they use and their data, whether at rest or in transit. In order to overcome connectivity constraints in specific countries and to be as close as possible to its customers, whilst also allowing them to control costs, Rapid.Space uses BSO’s points of presence. 

Rapid.Space is a Fully Open cloud provider which offers virtual private servers (VPS), a content delivery network (CDN) and a global IPv6 network (SDN). Therefore, Rapid.Space is a complete alternative to conventional public clouds. The company offers services ranging from virtual machines to data lakes, including a CDN (Content Delivery Network), an SDN (Software-Defined Networking), an online IDE (PaaS) and even relational databases. Unlike other conventional clouds, all Rapid.Space technologies are open source, specifically: the software (including the invoicing software), the servers (Open Compute), the routers (Open Networking) and the operating procedures. 

The technologies used by Rapid.Space along with its philosophy of transparency, which ensures its customers maintain control over the technologies they use and their data, means it has gained the confidence of companies located in countries known to be difficult to access and in those sectors where information security is key. 

Therefore, Rapid.Space’s clients mainly belong to the industrial and governmental sectors. 

In addition to its cloud offering, Rapid.Space has developed an edge offer by providing systems which enable 4G/5G networks to be created locally on open frequency bands. This approach allows organisations to create connectivity in those locations where there is no or insufficient coverage, all while maintaining complete control of the data transiting on these networks. 

Rapid.Space’s customers wanting to use the cloud to transfer, analyse and store their data internationally, can also do so using the technologies developed, documented and packaged by Rapid.Space, as well as via the dozens of points of presence (located mainly in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Japan, Taiwan and in the Shanxi province in China) implemented by Rapid.Space to reduce transmission costs.

In order to provide its customers with a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) capable of meeting a wide variety of requirements, Rapid.Space needed to collaborate with a partner with a large number of international points of presence.