Low latency connectivity 

for financial traders_

When trading in nanoseconds, every second counts_

No longer is being the loudest person in the room an advantage, instead, it’s about having the fastest connections to the financial exchanges where trades take place. 

BSO recognised this trend almost 20 years ago and built a network and a product suite that delivers the greatest possible advantage to high-frequency traders.


Financial connectivity pillars_


The path your data travels and the technology that enables your data to travel around the world - optimised for low latency as well as diversity.


The physical distance between a trader’s infrastructure and the infrastructure of the financial exchange. The closer, the better.


The equipment involved in data transmission. Each device requires time to interpret and route data. Typically, the more devices, the greater the latency.

Relevant products_

RF Express and RF Ultra

Our radio frequency (RF) products offer the most direct path between exchanges. 50Mbps to 1.25Gbps connections are possible.

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Ethernet Express

An industry leading low latency solution for international financial market connectivity using Ethernet point-to-point connections.

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Proximity Colo

Bring your infrastructure as close as possible to the financial exchange. This shortest available path, optimal latency and leading reliability and availability.

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Customer success is at the heart of our business_

“Similarly to our own clients, simplicity and performance are extremely important for us. Any network service we use must support our value proposition – lightning quick trades and execution. That is why we are continually searching for ways to improve the technology we utilise.” - CEO, Global Brokerage firm

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“BSO really stands out for just how far the team will go to ensure we are happy. They understand how critical connectivity is to our clients’ trading and investment objectives.”

Mark Bever Global Head, Data Centers and Procurement, Fidessa part of ION Group