Smarter management of your network infrastructure_

BSO Plus is our consulting and managed services arm_

BSO Plus originates in the wealth of knowledge that our architects and engineers have acquired over the years.

We have developed these capabilities into a global offering addressing our customers’ unique challenges across networking, hosting and cloud.


Delivering a superior customer experience_

Our team of engineers

Our longstanding experience and passion for innovation ensures we can deliver first-class services irrespective of your IT complexity or needs.


Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) team can cover the management, support and maintenance of your network 24/7.

Remote network procurement

Coordinate with our procurement team to order and manage your next network expansion. We have strong relationships with global carriers and local operators with unique fibre assets.

Architecture consulting

We can run workshops with your networking team to map out your next project so that your solution utilises your existing infrastructure while driving growth.

Network optimisation

Sometimes the best way to evaluate your own infrastructure is with a fresh pair of eyes. Our audits uncover improvements, cost savings and other enhancements.

Discover how we can help with your network infrastructure_


“We are happy to count on BSO as an innovative and reliable partner to help us in our efforts to continually optimise the level of performance and availability of our network infrastructure”

Oliver Macque Regional Manager Europe, Cloud Platform Department at Rakuten