The work outlined in this case study was conducted by IX Reach, now a part of BSO.

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin) is an international telecommunications service provider that is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. With its international mindset, deep technical capabilities and customer-first approach, Telin has proven itself well suited to helping enterprise customers achieve their goals in this era of rapid globalization.

Telin offers a comprehensive range of high-quality international carrier voice and data services aimed at enterprise customers with operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Malaysia, Macau, Taiwan, the United States, Myanmar, and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its global infrastructure includes more than 200 kilometers of submarine cable systems including the consortium-owned SEA-US, SEA-ME-WE5, IGG, among others; 72 Points of Presence, 4 international data centers in two countries, and 11 global offices.

Telin, was founded in 2007, is a subsidiary of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom), Indonesia's state owned telecommunications and network service provider which also owns Indonesia's largest telecommunications provider serving over 100 million retail customers.