25 Oct 2023

Press Release: BSO and CryptoStruct Bolsters Aggregated Crypto Feed Powered by Low Latency Global Network

Trusted crypto connectivity and data solution takes another leap forward

25 October 2023 Dublin, Ireland - BSO, the global pioneering infrastructure and connectivity provider, together with CryptoStruct, the leading market data and trading solution provider for algo traders, has enhanced its cryptocurrency trading solution, offering unparalleled connectivity between exchanges and consolidated market data in a single feed. 

Forged during 2020’s market boom, the collective engineering teams have spent the past three years developing a robust, institutional-grade solution trusted by high-frequency and algo traders worldwide. 

Underpinning the offering is BSO’s ultra low latency cloud connectivity solution, Crypto Cloud Connect, which provides the advanced network backbone and cloud connectivity for CryptoStruct’s specialist crypto trading platform. 

CryptoStruct’s aggregated data feed is part of the company’s trading solution and unites market data from 16 top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges, covering 95% of global liquidity that includes prominent exchanges like Binance, OKX, Coinbase and BYBIT. 

The software offers real-time market data and advanced HFT trading capabilities, complemented by powerful market dashboards, ultra-scalable runtime, order, and position management. For those interested in historical insights, the platform also provides normalised historical market data for comprehensive order book analysis and backtesting, accompanied by extensive parameter testing and a fully private setup to ensure complete security. 

Michael Ourabah, Chief Executive Officer at BSO, said: “Years of market knowledge have been poured into our technology, dedication and passion that has been mirrored by CryptoStruct’s talented team every step of the way. Together, we are leading the market, innovating relentlessly, and reinvesting in the market’s only specialist solution for traders wanting to operate at the competitive edge of the market.”

Iain Clarke, Head of Sales at CryptoStruct, said: “We are very excited to partner with BSO on the distribution of our customisable consolidated depth-of-book feed via its network. For the first time ever, clients can receive an aggregated full-depth order book for all crypto pairs of all major crypto exchanges via one single feed. This is a significant step forward.” 

In addition to its proven offering, BSO and CryptoStruct work in close collaboration with clients, ensuring their joint offering always flexes to meet customer needs. This innovative spirit ensures traders can rapidly capitalise on regional trading surges and overcome the effects of ever-changing regulatory headwinds.   

Everything about BSO and CryptoStruct has been built for speed. BSO’s small footprint colocation is ideal for crypto firms setting up at new trading venues or in new markets to facilitate regional network interconnection. 

Contact BSO’s Matthew Lempriere or CryptoStruct’s Iain Clarke to understand how BSO and CryptoStruct unlock the competitive advantage that only an ultra low latency backbone, direct cloud connectivity and consolidated data access make possible. 

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About CryptoStruct

CryptoStruct is the go-to solution for algorithmic trading in the vibrant world of crypto markets, committed to delivering a smoother, more reliable trading experience. 

Established in 2019, CryptoStruct provides its customers with a cutting-edge yet user-friendly strategy development kit and trading runtime. This system empowers trading firms to devise and implement their unique trading strategies within an event-driven framework. As a result, CryptoStruct’s clients can seamlessly expand their trading strategies across various exchanges using this robust and fast system. The key advantage of CryptoStruct’s offering is that it enables trading firms to concentrate on their primary objective: crafting profitable trading strategies. 

Additionally, CryptoStruct provides highly accurate, normalised, low-latency market data co-located next to the exchanges. Moreover, comprehensive tick histories are available for all supported markets. To learn more, please visit www.cryptostruct.com and follow on LinkedIn.


The company was founded in 2004 and serves the world’s largest financial institutions. BSO is a global pioneering infrastructure and connectivity provider, helping over 600 data-intensive businesses across diverse markets, including financial services, technology, energy, e-commerce, media and others. BSO owns and provides mission-critical infrastructure, including network connectivity, cloud solutions, managed services and hosting, that are specific and dedicated to each customer served.

The company’s network comprises 240+ PoPs across 33 markets, 50+ cloud on-ramps, is integrated with all major public cloud providers and connects to 75+ on-net internet exchanges and 30+ stock exchanges. The team of experts works closely with customers in order to create solutions that meet the detailed and specific needs of their business, providing the latency, resilience and security they need regardless of location.

BSO is headquartered in Ireland, and has 11 offices across the globe, including London, New York, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Access our website and find out more information: www.bso.co