20 Sep 2019

Meet Us at The Trading Show New York

Come along and meet the BSO team at The Trading Show on 25th September 2019 at the Hilton Midtown, New York

Since its inaugural event in New York a decade ago, the Trading Show has blossomed into a global gathering featuring 1,200+ attendees from leading trading firms, banks, funds, exchange groups and technology & service providers.

This year, Michael Ourabah, BSO’s Chief Executive Officer, will be speaking on a panel about “Maximizing connectivity – how are you balancing latency & bandwidth in 2019?”, looking at topics such as:

  • Network overload – is shortwave radio, despite its massive bandwidth deficit, a viable way for traders to make a low-latency transatlantic connection?

  • New world of alpha discovery – how are firms balancing speed and bandwidth as the algorithmic trading arms race turns toward ingesting and analysing increasing volumes and varieties of real-time data?

  • Network monitoring – solutions, methods and technologies for identifying trends, detecting outliers and correcting excessive latency and jitter in real time

  • Risks around building ULL systems – moving data centres, cost of data, exchanges changing the rules

Michael will also share his thoughts on other recent developments in low latency network connectivity, and how BSO is responding to evolving market needs, particularly around transatlantic connectivity.

We hope to see you there!

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