27 Jun 2023

BSO and Aplicata a long-lasting partnership


An innovative business model makes cloud spending more predictable and gives customers greater control. BSO's cloud object storage system relies on Aplicata's OptimaCloud compression solution, which is 8x faster than open-source solutions and reduces the file size of an image by 60% on average.

Dublin, Tuesday, 20th June 2023 BSO, a global provider of high-availability infrastructure and connectivity solutions, announces its partnership with Aplicata, a leading provider of enterprise-class data acceleration solutions. This synergy extends the object storage offering with  http://ultra.bso.st/ to provide better audiovisual data storage and access benefit. Aplicata's OptimaCloud Compression provides seamless, cost-effective, low-latency image processing. 

The collaborative effort created a powerful storage architecture having dedicated acceleration resources in each storage node. This advanced architecture enables modern organizations to do more with storage while knowing that their storage expenses also cover all the necessary image processing.

"We live in a world where access to information in all its forms is crucial to the survival of modern organizations. But to cope with the exponential growth of data worldwide, especially images and video, companies need to find new technological levers to store it faster and more securely. At BSO, in partnership with Aplicata, we have created BSO Cloud Object Storage, which responds to a need intrinsically linked to the competitiveness of companies whose activity relies on the exchange of sensitive HD files", explains Alexandre Legrix, Global System & Managed Services Director at BSO.

“We make utilizing the power of the cloud much easier and more effective for businesses,” said Mohammad Darwish, CEO at Aplicata.  “By partnering with BSO, we unlock new and exciting opportunities for innovation, allowing us to effectively cater to the increasing need for image optimization and analytics.” 

Key features of BSO Cloud Object Storage include  

  • Optimization - Compress images on the fly to reduce their file size your way. 

  • Comparison - Compare images fast to gain more confidence in your quality metrics.

  • Transcoding - Convert between HEIC and JPEG or generate BMP images. 

  • Scaling - Generate all the right image sizes with one low latency call. 

  • Filtering - Detect bad images to save on your storage costs. 

  • Analytics – Analyze images with AI/ML applications.

  • Statistics - Obtain performance statistics to help fine-tune applications. 

The BSO Cloud Object Storage solution is fully compatible with AWS S3 and OpenStack Swift and offers a clear and cost-effective billing model. With a direct leased line connection for optimal performance and 1 petabyte of storage available around the clock, the solution is designed to help future-proof businesses as they grow.

About Aplicata

Aplicata specializes in data acceleration solutions that enhance image processing performance in a cost-effect manner for businesses worldwide. We are known for our deep experience with mission-critical systems and have generated very high trust with our customers. The adaption demands of today’s exponential growth on digital data is making our technology increasingly critical for many businesses. Through the experience of its team and the innovative approach to data acceleration, Aplicata offers customers new possibilities. Aplicata is privately held and was founded in 2015. 

For more information on Aplicata Technologies: www.aplicata.com

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