21 Dec 2021

Choosing Crypto-Friendly Network Infrastructure Solutions

Strong network infrastructure is paramount for business performance, especially in fast-paced financial markets where milliseconds have a massive impact on key functions like transaction throughput. If you’re trading in the crypto market, you need to ensure your IT infrastructure can meet the sector’s demands. We explore the key considerations when choosing crypto-friendly network infrastructure solutions and how an experienced provider can help your business thrive.

Why do you need a network solutions provider that can meet your business requirements?

Internal and external connectivity is expected in any business for easy communication, collaboration and productivity. To support your people in doing their best, your business needs to provide both the hardware and software required to keep up with the demands of high performing financial markets, while also meeting your unique business needs. 

The right network infrastructure solutions can help your business reach operational efficiency and regulatory compliance, while also ensuring data security, agility and cost savings. However, infrastructure maintenance is resource-intensive, which is why many organisations opt for third-party network infrastructure providers that can achieve optimal maintenance and minimise system vulnerabilities. The best providers will offer extensive support so you can feel confident in your network knowing that important business processes and functions are sustained. 

Key considerations for choosing the right network infrastructure solutions:

There are various components and factors to consider when investigating the best network infrastructure solutions for your business. When researching providers, ensure you know the level of support they provide and whether the key considerations below are covered by their services. We recommend assessing and defining your business’ current and future needs to help you prioritise key network infrastructure requirements.

Wireless network access:

Your staff and customers expect full access to your service or offering at all times from all portable devices. A truly wireless network is non-negotiable in today’s business interactions and wireless network support should be high on your list of requirements when selecting a network infrastructure solutions provider.

It’s worth noting that excess use of your wireless network can put additional pressure on it to keep up with demand. This can lead to high latency and system downtime which is detrimental for high-frequency demands on your business, such as crypto transactions. So, support is imperative with wireless network solutions to ensure business continuity.


Separating the complexity of your IT environment from the scale of your IT environment is important for ensuring you have all the computing and data storage capacity you need at any point in time, regardless of network demand. This means that when you have a fully virtualised, easily accessible network infrastructure, you have the availability and agility to scale your infrastructure as the need arises. 

Opting for cloud solutions enables you to achieve virtualisation and mitigates additional costs and risks associated with an in-house solution, such as buying equipment you don’t need long term or suffering extended system downtime. Ideally, the network infrastructure provider you choose should also offer virtualisation capabilities either through a suitable cloud solution and/or managed services.


On the hardware side, knowing exactly what physical equipment your business needs to use ensures you have a comprehensive view of your network infrastructure beyond the software needed to conduct business. Below is a list of equipment components to consider when selecting hardware:

  • Cabling - Are your information transfer connections streamlined and simplified, allowing for easy exchanges and reduced downtime risk? 

  • Routers - Is your business’ information being routed to the correct end destination efficiently, either internally or externally?

  • Switches - Can different elements within your network interact with each other and do you have a coherent system of communication created by efficient switches

  • Computers, servers, devices - If opting for on-premises infrastructure, a key consideration is how optimised your physical computing devices are, as outdated hardware can compromise your network.

Personalised solutions:

Ultimately, knowing your business’ exact needs and finding the best way to meet these without needing to compromise should be your main objective. Personalisation is an excellent approach to optimal infrastructure as you’ll get a bespoke network solution from a provider that’s able to analyse your business goals and needs and supply the most suitable solutions.

Crypto-specific requirements from network infrastructure solutions:

In the crypto trading sector, network performance is integral to strong business performance, as system access, availability and reliability are necessary for efficient trading. Here are some industry-specific factors that should influence the network infrastructure solution you choose.

i) Firewalls and security

Security is an essential consideration as security breaches can put your crypto trading activities and business at high risk. Ensuring user data is securely stored behind a firewall and that disaster recovery measures are in place in the event of cybercrimes are necessary steps to take to mitigate security risks. Partnering with an infrastructure provider that prioritises security and follows security best practices can improve your overall network security, keeping it up-to-date and optimised.

For more on network security, check out our best practices for optimising IT infrastructure security.

ii) Latency and accessibility

In a quick-moving industry like crypto trading where financial markets shift within seconds, latency matters. Being connected across global financial markets depends on ultra-low latency, so selecting network infrastructure support that can deliver low latency solutions is a must. Consider potential providers’ global networks, where their data centres are geographically located, in relation to your users, and which internet and stock exchanges they are connected to when researching network infrastructure solutions.

iii) Industry knowledge and experience

The crypto trading market is a complex and fast-paced addition to the world of financial markets, and ensuring your network infrastructure solutions provider is aware of the unique nature of your industry can make all the difference. Look into prospective providers’ track records and consider which industries their solutions are specifically designed for and whether they have the expertise to support their technical offering. This way, you’ll be confident that you’re choosing a provider that knows what’s important to consider for your specific sector, as well as your business.

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How BSO’s network infrastructure solutions can help:

As you see, there are many things to consider when implementing or upgrading your business’ network infrastructure to thrive in crypto trading, much of which can’t be managed by your IT team alone. Partnering with a provider like BSO, which offers both innovative infrastructure solutions and crypto industry experience, enables you to expand your capabilities and enhance your expertise without compromising on quality or performance. 

In an industry that requires widespread availability, partnering with a provider that can boast wide-reaching global connectivity is ideal, so that no opportunity for trading is missed. BSO can empower your business with low latency connectivity for crypto trading and unrivalled access to crypto exchanges. Our team of experts have been providing the financial market with bespoke, innovative networking solutions for decades, keeping it easily accessible to end-users across the globe. 

Learn more about what to expect when you partner with BSO.


From scale and agility to security and latency concerns, choosing the right crypto-friendly network infrastructure solutions is vital for staying ahead of the competition in this fast-evolving market. During your selection processes, address the key considerations outlined in this article and ensure the solutions provider you choose is best positioned to meet your specific business needs. 

Get in touch with the BSO team if you’d like to discuss our managed network infrastructure services or check out our dedicated connectivity solutions for crypto trading



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