17 Nov 2020

Cloud scalability and resilience: lessons from Covid-19

On 24 November, BSO will be hosting a webinar with Oracle on cloud scalability and resilience lessons Covid-19 taught us.
For many businesses around the world, Covid-19 has tremendously accelerated their digital journey and put added pressure on their IT teams almost overnight.

IT infrastructures all around the world have needed to scale quickly – not only to accommodate remote workforces but also to support business-critical applications, products and services. This could mean quickly adding new network connections, moving IT services to locations closer to remote users, or automatically provisioning new compute and storage resources to support workloads.

Cloud computing has played a crucial role in enabling businesses to have the flexibility to provision resources on-demand offering great levels of agility, resiliency, and scalability. Although the current value of cloud computing during the pandemic is undeniable, it is worth looking towards the future.

Some of the topics that this webinar will cover include:

  • Cloud infrastructure scalability, resiliency and agility best practices observed during the crisis

  • Lessons the pandemic taught us about implementing the right cloud strategy and the right cloud partners 

Shaunak Thakkar, Principal Program Manager for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure at Oracle, and Stephen Wilcox, Chief Product Officer at BSO, will share their insights on how to best leverage your cloud infrastructure in Covid and post-Covid times.

Listen to the experts and register here.